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Tips for Rotating Your Tires


Regular maintenance can help ensure the long life of your car, and that should include rotating your tires on a regular basis. To help make sure

Saudi needs $87.9 a barrel to break even: IMF


The organisation's latest regional outlook paints an uncertain picture regarding the price of oil moving forwards.

SABIC posts 5.4% higher net profit of $1.5bn in first quarter


SABIC's gross profit reached $3.79bn for the first quarter of 2018, an increase of 5.03% as compared to $3.61bn in the same quarter of 2017, and an

90 bids received for Kirkuk oil pipeline, Al Luabi says


Iraq's Oil Minister evaluating strong interest in key pipeline project in north of the country.

Pipetech launches Active Caisson Management to drive efficiencies


Aberdeen based process system integrity specialist rolls out solution to boost production efficiency.

Intertek partners with Daleel Petroleum on production and integrity assurance in Oman


Quality assurance provider collaborates with Omani oil producer in workshop addressing several industry-specific topics.

Tonbridge, West Kent, the UK


Tonbridge is a town in West Kent the UK located to the south of London on the banks of the Medway River.

Greenville, NC, USA


Greenville is a small city in North Carolina USA situated in the eastern part of the country.

Union, SC, USA


Union is a small town in South Carolina USA with the population below 9 thousand people.

Phocaea, Foça/İzmir, Turkey


A small and amazingly beautfuland calm coastal resort town Phocaea or Foa is a part of zmir province in the easternmost part of Turkey.