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Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland


Skibbereen is a very small town situated in County Cork which is in southern Ireland about 8 miles inland from the ocean and about 45 miles south west

Morada do Sol, Uberlândia, MG, Brasil


Morada do Sol is a small town and a very small neighborhood located to the north east of the city of Uberlndia in MG Brasil.

Linnansaari National Park, Rantasalmi, Finland


Linnansaari National Park is a small national preserve situated at Porosalmentie 313 Rantasalmi Finland.

Hardangerfjord, Norway


Hardangerfjord is one of the largest fjords in the world located in Norway and it is the second largest fjord in the country.

New Zealand preparing for float-free EPIRBs


ACR Electronics and Ocean Signal are working with commercial fishing operators in New Zealand to help them comply with new safety beacon regulations.

US Gives Rate Safe-Passage Deal to VW CEO


Herbert Diess, new VW CEO can travel the world freely without fear of being arrested in connection with the U.S.’s diesel-rigging investigation.

US Manufacturing Activity Showed Continued Vigor in April, Monthly Index Indicates


However, tight labor markets and supply chain disruptions are slowing growth.

Patan, Gujarat, India


Patanis a city in Chavda area northeastern Gujarat established by a Vanaraja king in the 8th century AD.

Kings Canyon, Watarrka Park, Petermann, NT, Australia


One of the most spectacular canyons in Australia Kings Canyon is situated in Watarrka National Park near Petermann North Territory of Australia.

Mother Theresa Institute of Science and Technology, Sathupally, Telagana, India


Mother Teresa Institute of Science and Technology is a very respectful fully certified and modern educational establishment situated at the following