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Q&A: Populist Gains in the Swedish Elections


Leader of the Sweden Democrats Jimmie Åkesson. Credit: Per Pettersson, Flickr/Creative Commons. Q&A: Populist Gains in the Swedish Election

1. Number of countries with ‘very high’ government restrictions on religion at highest level since 2007


Countries with the most extensive government restrictions on religion Most countries around the world have some form of restrictions on religion – w

Adjunct - Ethical and Legal Issues in Business - Traditional Campus - Colangelo College of Business


Grand Canyon University (Phoenix, AZ)

Sessions Might Quit if Rosenstein Goes


Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the White House he might have to resign if President Trump fired his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the in

Trump-Comey War Puts FBI on ‘Partisan Battlefield’


Former FBI director James Comey's "petty personal asides" about President Trump in his new book, and the president's insistence on fighting back, is

TX Judge Censured for ‘This is a Redneck Court’


The Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct reprimanded Judge Christopher Lee after litigant Jesus Espinosa complained that the judge’s statement “th

Trump Denies Clemency to 180 Applicants


The president takes his first actions on the Justice Department clemency caseload since he was inaugurated. He has granted three pardons to political

Outfoxing Porch Thieves, Amazon Delivers to Car Trunks


Amazon's new service, which began Tuesday, enables delivery of packages to parked cars through an app linked to OnStar and other car services. It wi

Another Judge Rejects Trump Position on DACA


Federal judge John Bates in Washington, D.C., said on Tuesday that the Department of Homeland Security’s legal explanation for the decision to end

Friends Flummoxed by ‘Awkward’ Toronto Van Attacker


Alek Minassian, 25, is accused of mowing down 25 pedestrians on busy Yonge Street in Toronto, killing 10. One former classmate said he couldn't con